Posted by: dominicanoutreach | September 8, 2009

Dealing with Pain

C.S. Lewis, Surprised by Joy

Please forgive the pseudonym.  I have to selfishly admit that it is a comforting way to write.  It isn’t for the lack of accountability, as much as the ability to compartmentalize the hostile backlash that inevitably ensues in theological discussions of both consequence and controversy.  Rarely do these conversations bring out our best.  Though we try with all our might to keep these matters in our heads, eventually the heart bursts forth, and leaves us wide open to the worst sorts of pain.

Compartmentalizing pain…I am as guilty of this as any.  It is how I remain composed, confident, and in control.  It is what it takes to lead.  It is what is required to be in charge.  But the bottom line is, I fake it.  Almost every day.  I hide from pain by detaching.  That way I never have to admit what I truly am…a coward.


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